Mrs Kasha  Davis

Lift People Up

Saturday, July 21, 2018 9:19 AM

Tonight was a reminder how Dad is with us. I had it in my head to trim his beloved bushes. I thought power thru it Eddie just get the front done. So I prayed to Dad for help and I started.  As I went along I remembered how Dad and I would do this together and frankly I had mixed emotions. 

Suddenly there was a tap on my shoulder and a very nice hard working man asked who I was. I introduced myself and Tom was proud to tell me that he’s trimmed for Dad for 14 years.  Tom told me how much Dad meant to him and he burst into tears saying he was like a father to him. 

Always eager to help him, always eager to guide, support and lift him up. Dad lent him his trailer and last he said to me about it was “Eddie he needs it more than I do he has a business and works hard”. 

Tom and his partner worked all day and looked worn and exhausted. They wanted to help and trimmed the front yard and said they loved when Dad offered them a beer afterwards and had every tool for any job. 

Tom cried another time or so with me and walked away to compose himself. He asked to be a Pal bearer, he asked for a tie or belt to remember him. He just wasn’t ready to let him go. It was clear Dad gave him so much more than a few dollars to trim his ridiculously overgrown bushes. He mentored him and I can only hope to be half the man he was to people like Tom. 

What an inspiration. He lifted people up.