Mrs Kasha  Davis

Sometimes We Need to Press PAUSE

Tuesday, April 17, 2018 6:21 PM

Hi love bugs, It’s me MKD reporting to you LIVE from the exact hotel we were locked up in during filming for Rupauls Drag Race Season 7 filming. I thought I’d stay here during filming for Pets4Pets on my own Accord as I begin another new chapter in my Drag Life! I wanted to peck out another blog on the keyboard for us all to think about especially in this day and age of SOCIAL MEDIA! 

As I hunted for morning coffee and took in the glorious California air yesterday morning I passed a gift shop and this little sign just POPPED out at me and got me thinking.  It made me remember that we all could use our Pause buttons a bit more frequently. Quite frankly they are rusty! The temptation is within all of us sometimes to snap judgement and provide our opinions on everything. #notalwaysnecessary. We have installed in all of us an intuition, a sixth sense or a gut feel that we must trust. The problem is that that feeling can be subtle at first and may require us to pause and consider how our words will make someone feel. All too often we get fooled into thinking “oh I don’t like this or that so I best leave my comment “ when in all actuality NOBODY ASKED OUR OPINION! (Notice I’m using “our” because I’m not perfect sometimes I need to pause too!)

Life best lived is happening now not yesterday or tomorrow so if in that moment our words don’t seem kind, cooperative, supportive or helpful why not AT LEAST give pause to think about it. There’s no rush we’ve got all the time we need. 

All my love & positive vibes,