Mrs Kasha  Davis

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Monday, April 23, 2018 6:09 AM

INSERT Working Title Here seemed appropriate this morning as I thought about writing this post/blog/diary. 

Recently I recieved a message from a gal named Angela Washko a professor from Carnigie Mellon University asking to do a documentary on “Being Mrs Kasha Davis”.  I was flattered of course and she was very sweet and kind mentioning the work that I am doing and have done over the years. I couldn’t help but think why me, what angle would someone else want to discuss on this old gal and undying quest for the stage and screen.  Then I realized I may have partially answered my own question and it was time for me to give up the reins and see where this goes.

Google Angela Washko I thought and let me see if this is something that Mr Davis and I want to commit to or do we have someone who just wants to come over to “spill the tea”. I came to find out she’s a somebody I definately want to collaborate with and most especially because quite potentially Mr. Davis and I may have been spinning our wheels by telling our story from our perspective.  This time we have a team of people who excel in their own professional artistic way and can lend a much broader focus on what we are working to acheive with this whole ball of wax.

But….what are we trying to achieve?!  You know I think back to the time when I was working on my life story THERE’S ALWAYS TIME FOR A COCKTAIL and the many people who lended their expertise in that process like Ralph Meranto, Marge Bentley and David Hendersen and they would ask me time and again.  WHO CARES???  Why does the audience need to hear this story Ed?  Is it just self promotion or is there some gem here that we are mining for the audience to see their own reflection and feel a part of the whole.  If I would dust off all the setting powder, take off the wig and untuck the basis of what Mr. Davis and I are working to accomplish can be narrowed down to a few words.  Kindness, acceptance, forgiveness of self and others.  We are all quite possibly all more alike than we wish to believe and when I realize my story isn’t as unique as I’d like to think it is then and only then that people are attracted to the honestly of our words and the relief that we are all in this life together.

It’s Monday I’m exhausted physically but as I reflect on the last 10 days of non stop filming and shows I continue to be reminded of how grateful I am to be sober and clear so that I can do this work and that people want to work with me!  My intention as Angela travels with us to Drag Story Hour, Rain Lounge, Drag ME to Brunch, Rupauls Drag Con, NYC premire of Hurricane Bianca From Russia with Hate and the Drag Queens of the Stone Age Tour in Austrailia will be to showcase all of the fabulous people that I have the absolute pleasure to not only work with as peers but the fans and supporters who come out to see us along the way!

As for today my plan is to go to breakfast and then shopping with one of my best buddies KATIE P!!  I need supplies like pantyhose, make up and a good BRASSIERE!!!

All my love,