Mrs Kasha  Davis

GRATITUDE My First Blog Post!

Friday, April 13, 2018 3:57 PM

Hello my love muffins it’s me Mrs. Kasha Davis writing to you from a messy yet full of life office of our home in Suburbia.  You know I’ve actually wanted to write a blog for quite a while but things seemed to get in the way with the best intentions you know??  Most specifically it takes a team in this man’s world to get things done and I am so very lucky to have the man of my dreams, my prince charming STEVEN always willing and able to help me make it all come true.  He really is the best not just because of his penis, pulse and good credit BUT more directly because right from the beginning Mr. Davis has helped me with everything MKD.  Filming, photos, being our DJ, content, a sounding board for bad jokes and even as a wig head!  He sits patiently and listens attentively while I go on and on about my ideas and then logiically comes to a conclusion with me in a few days on how to make it happen.  For instance THIS BLOG that I mentioned I was interested in writing he not only went ahead and researched a good tool but he revamed our WHOLE WEBSITE (over achiever).

At any rate I DIGEST….you see my whole topic was one word GRATITUDE and I know with all of my heart that this word has helped me dramatically in my life but intensely since I got on the sober wagon a few years ago.  You see as an addict I can really get in the way of myself with my thinking and contrary to my positive postings not every day is Roses and 3000 count bed sheets!    If I pull on that negative “wet blanket” I’m doomed sometimes for hours or days!  When that mood strikes I know I need to reach out to people and not stew in my rancid broth…so I recently I called my west coast sis Ethylina Canne.  She gave me some great advice “Kasha pull off that wet blanket and throw it in the dryer with some gratitide lady!”  Within minutes I realized I was creating more chaos and drama in my own head and I needed to step back and look at that thinking for a minute and realize it wasn’t real!  

When the times get tough that thinking can direct you straight to the hamster wheel…round and round and round!   These days I’m working on pausing the wheel and I starting small with being grateful for what I take for granted like my breath in and out and within minutes I am reminded of much more….. my sobriety, my health, MAX (my soul pup), Steven, our girls, my brother and sisters, friends and peers, the opportunity to entertain and travel, HEALTH (mentioned twice because if we have good health we have it all), physcial ability, our home, all of the people who support,like and follow what we are doing and so on and so on.  Even the most dramatic times of my life like tragic accidents or death at some point I realized the solution was to look for, recognize and be grateful for the silver lining.  

So No matter what your situation is in this beautiful life I promise you if you make gratitude a daily practice your wildest dreams will come true and then some.  

In their own time and just how they should be!

All love,