Mrs Kasha  Davis

Cycles and "chance meetings"

Monday, April 30, 2018 8:57 AM

Yesterday I expereinced an INCREDIBLE spiritual day.

My lovely sister in law spent the night and she’s someone I gravitate toward because of her calm demeanor and her perspective on life.  By profession she is a professor and counselor.  Often times we can get caught up in some really great conversations and yesterday morning we did just that.  Life, cycles, circles, seasons and how I aspire to taking the next step in my journey at some point to share my expereinces with sobriety and addiciton in a greater capacity possibly counseling.  We chatted about many things but I resonated most with reading about being present, meditation and possible paths toward being an addicitons counselor.  We said our goodbyes because she had to get going and I was headed to a quick breakfast with a college buddy I had not seen in 20 years for breakfast.  This will be a quick hug and how goes it over eggs and bacon kinda morning.

I called my Uber.

Upon entering the car the gentleman driving struck me as kind and open.  I always love chatitng with the Uber drivers and though this guy is going to be adoraable.  He lifted a contraption up to his mouth with a straw and spoke into an Artifical Larnx and I was immediately struck with amazement with how people can overcome such obstacles in a positive manner.  We chatted on weather and Uber stuff when suddenly he asked what I did.  I’m a Drag Queen and I travel and perform I said and he immediately responded with “How wonderful!  I am so glad to see that Drag is no longer something that is hidden away and can be celebrated”.  Wow.  What a wonderful response from someone who appeared to be well into his late 70’s.  I felt the need to explain to him how passionate I am about Drag Story Hour and in general being a positive light in the world of Drag.  Before you know it he invited me to his Wellness center where he teaches Yoga and meditaiion and explained that he is in recovery for 10 years now.  WHAT…wow WHAT A CHANCE MEETING…or was it?  When we reached my destination he explained how he told his last passenger that there was no way he’d get a ride out in the suburbs and said he had chills regarding our chance meeting and conversation.  He handed me his business card and invited me to his meditation course Thursdays at 7. “I look forward to seeing you again”.

I went into the diner.

My friend Donovan and I were reunited and it was really like no time was lost in our 20 years of not being in each others presense and he introduced me to his friend Don. Donovan joined Don on a retreat to Peru a few years back and it sparked a memory I had regarding reading about those experiences.  To be honest I had been trying to remember why people went to Peru and where I had heard about these life changing retreats.  Donovan reminded me that it was not only illustrated in the Shirley Maclaine movie Out on a limb but in college it was detailed in a book called the Celestine Prophecy that we both read in college in the early 90’s!!!    Don later explained that he moved to Rochester to open is life coaching, counseling and meditation business a few short months ago.  HOLY CANOLI!!!!!!  Needless to say breakfast turned into a tour of Rochester, a stop for coffee and reunited later in the evening for dinner.  

The entire day was spent in a very high vibrational place where I knew I was meant to be exactly where I was and engaging in conversation about this life and how things come full circle.  Mostly I am so grateful to be in a place in this life to share my experience, stregth and hope thru the art form of Drag as a character who is mom like, full of love, humor and positivity.  

No amount of forsight would have lead me to knowing that expereince would happen yesterday and all of the greatest moments are coming together for me in the clairity of sobriety and learning to live in gratitiude for what is RIGHT NOW.  Not yesterday or tomorrow.

All love,